What We Have Left

Something is always far away ~ Rebecca Solnit

People die every day. They die in minutes. Seconds. The closing and re-opening of an eye, and the world can change direction, spin you, or him, her, they away. Out into the nothing or everything, and not here. Not here ever again.

In New York City alone, 150 lights go out from one midnight to the next. Cancer, cars, trains, bathtubs. A bottle of pills, or a turn the wrong way. There is some kind of sorrow every second.

Not so long ago, amongst all the accidents and slow dying, there could be up to six murders a day in this town. But by the time the century changed, the number of daily murders had dropped right down to two. Now, sometimes a whole week goes by in New York without someone dying at another person’s hand. Still, it happens. Strangers, and vigilantes, and lovers with twisted hearts. More often than not, it’s the twisted hearts that get you. Turns out most everyone knows the person who hurts them. A fact we often close our eyes to when we choose our lovers – and our friends.

But what if you have to watch for strangers, too? What if all those lit streets and barred windows don’t keep you any safer, inside or out. What if, no matter how safe you play it, somebody else gets to tell your story.

Not just the beginning – but also the way it ends.


July, 2018: First draft DONE!! Now to the making sense part …