I had forgotten. This absence as presence. The thought of you wrapped around me, played between fingers, slid between thighs. I had forgotten the breathing walls, the arching into darkness, the reaching for- You. I had forgotten. And now. Your name on my lips, heavy. Falling. Snakes under my skin and yours grasped tight. Clay and thumbs pressed hard.Continue reading “Falling”

To the lover after you …

I come with suitcases. Most people do. Mine are full of words and wounds, and that time he said it wouldn’t work. When I never once considered it was him not me that was broken. I’ve been carrying this for years. All that heavy. Maybe I could put the contents at your feet some day?Continue reading “To the lover after you …”

What you don’t know

I can see what happens when he looks at you. There is a funny blue light that starts just below his ear. It curves under his jaw and then travels down his neck, out into his chest, where it shoots off in all directions. Like rivers meeting I suppose, but there’s something more electric, theContinue reading “What you don’t know”