The Good Husband

“Well it kind of hurts when the kind of words you say kind of turn themselves into blades.” Was it because I said yes? And if so, which yes was it? After that early no, which capitulation was the one? Was it when you said I’m happy to cool it, but how ‘bout we shareContinue reading “The Good Husband”

Ruins to most people

An attempt at reconciliation. I send a message. “…I suppose it is all water under the bridge. And sometimes there is so much water the bridge actually washes away. But the fact is the bridge was there once, connecting two people, and something of it necessarily abides, as all things that have existed must do.Continue reading “Ruins to most people”

There was a girl

There was a girl who loved a man. This man knew she loved him because she told him.  Once, and many times after in fact because you only stumble with such words the first time. So she loved him and he knew it, and it was the love you find in movies and songs, andContinue reading “There was a girl”

I am not supposed to like this woman

I am not supposed to like this woman. I am not supposed to admire her selfishness or her hunger, a greed that has taken to demolishing all that gets in her way. I should hate the destruction she causes, not least of all to herself.  I have been taught to admire women, find my musesContinue reading “I am not supposed to like this woman”