I hope you break your heart

Warning: This post contains spoilers on The Good Wife. And my life.  My relationship with The Good Wife began on a flight from London to Australia. I was on the second leg of an uncomfortable homeward journey; the discomfort was equal parts physical – the gentleman next to me seemed to like my seat more than his own – and emotional. Turns outContinue reading “I hope you break your heart”


Peace. I will stop your mouth! – Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing The couple on the television show are fighting. It’s a real-deal, humdinger argument. There have been dirty looks all day and the tension is now bubbling at their lids. We get lots of uncharacteristic yelling as the former lovers throw subtext-laden accusations backContinue reading “Heart”

A few of my favourite things …

Today I was nominated for a Sexy Blogger award. Since joining the WordPress community I’ve become aware of the custom of awarding (rewarding?) blogs, and in secretly coveting recognition, I’ve wondered what I would do if one came my way. My blog is supposed to be a work of fiction after-all. Not so much myContinue reading “A few of my favourite things …”