Till we drowned

You would keep your landscape pristine forever. But I have broken you apart a thousand times all the same. Crashed against you, cracked through your surface and swum in your veins till we drowned. I have been your natural disaster, your flood and tempest, the violent wind that scattered your bones. I have held youContinue reading “Till we drowned”


… This name that was mine from the beginning. In every beginning an ending is written. It is one of the very first things I told you. When I would lie naked in your arms, spinning my stories. The mind of a poet, and the body of a goddess, you once said against my chest – and IContinue reading “Gracious”

The rest of our lives

Talk though we did, my love, there were certain conversations we never had. On that first trip to White Cliff, we had not yet said I love you. I was hyper-conscious of it, both its absence, and the desire to say it, and those three little words were pressurised inside me on that drive. AContinue reading “The rest of our lives”

The midnight hours

I am nearly asleep but I don’t hang up. Not tonight. Not this close to somewhere infinitely more peaceful than where we live in the daylight. It’s nice to be in this drifting together. Joe. My voice is breathy, sleepy. I’m still here. I don’t say it. Just think it. Say it. Think it. WhoContinue reading “The midnight hours”

My barbies never got married (revisited)

My barbies never got married. The twenty or so leggy blondes were too busy auditioning for The Sound of Music and rehearsing complicated Cabaret routines. Wedding dresses went straight to the costume department and my one already married doll from the Heart family promptly left her husband and two kids when she landed the lead role in Mack andContinue reading “My barbies never got married (revisited)”

The best thing(s) I never had – revisited

There are two tragedies in life. One is not to get your heart’s desire. The other is to get it  – George Bernard Shaw  A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. You have thought often of these fish and their bicycles. How the idea of needing a man is just as curious. ItContinue reading “The best thing(s) I never had – revisited”


Flashback to a girl. Standing at your door, smoothing her dress against hips that you’ll hold, the hammering – her heart or the knock, same thing. Stepping across her first real line when the handle turns. Wanting to fall because it is raining outside and she has just turned 27 and someone took a scalpelContinue reading “Transgression”