After years of sleeping

A crack down the phone. Electricity. I can hear the shift, even in the silence that follows. And then this. Lucy. Tell me what you see. I … I stumble against the words. How are we here? Here we are. Seeing the line, only as we step to cross it. Tell me what you see.Continue reading “After years of sleeping”

And how sometimes we nearly make it

Nothing has changed, Mack. It would be the same if I walked into your hotel room tonight. I would still spend less than 30 seconds on my side of the couch. My legs would still snake over yours, and I would still play with the soft of your earlobe as if it were mine. IContinue reading “And how sometimes we nearly make it”

body, remember

What does the body remember of another? What memory sits at the tip of the tongue, ready to burst? Does desire constantly swim in the veins, little pieces of longing that warm the blood and rise to the surface at the slightest provocation? Do they reconstruct and orient the desire toward that which we cannotContinue reading “body, remember”


Peace. I will stop your mouth! – Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing The couple on the television show are fighting. It’s a real-deal, humdinger argument. There have been dirty looks all day and the tension is now bubbling at their lids. We get lots of uncharacteristic yelling as the former lovers throw subtext-laden accusations backContinue reading “Heart”