The force of that submission

Do you remember the night I fell to pieces? The night I tried to show you what this was doing to me? We are going to have this out! I said years too late, because I was trying to be brave, trying to make a demand, instead of always, always waiting for your sign toContinue reading “The force of that submission”

And how sometimes we nearly make it

Nothing has changed, Mack. It would be the same if I walked into your hotel room tonight. I would still spend less than 30 seconds on my side of the couch. My legs would still snake over yours, and I would still play with the soft of your earlobe as if it were mine. IContinue reading “And how sometimes we nearly make it”

Beginnings revisited

If December was her month, then January belonged to me. She had your traditions and your conclusion, your customs and your god. But the opened gate, the clock ticking forward – every time, the hands reached out for me. I would count your absence down, should auld acquaintance be forgot I’d say before an explosion across theContinue reading “Beginnings revisited”

The glare of your gold band

For seven years we were lovers. For seven years you shucked me from my skin, shook me loose and left me scrambling for the pieces. Everything I had ever learned receded in the glare of your gold band. I spent years riding my freedom with the curb of this bit. And as your sign flickeredContinue reading “The glare of your gold band”

The fall comes from living

Are we each born with a moral compass? Do we all start pointing due north, and waver throughout our lives, swinging back toward the centre in our best moments, spinning furiously at our worst? Your god tells you that we are born in sin, that we climb out of the darkness and head toward theContinue reading “The fall comes from living”