The rest of our lives

Talk though we did, my love, there were certain conversations we never had. On that first trip to White Cliff, we had not yet said I love you. I was hyper-conscious of it, both its absence, and the desire to say it, and those three little words were pressurised inside me on that drive. AContinue reading “The rest of our lives”

The best of these are broken

There are two things people say to me in this first week. In addition to the chorus line of I’m so sorrys and god is mysterious that I receive, people either put their hand on my shoulder and say you’re so strong, Anna. Or they squeeze my own hand and stress – you must rememberContinue reading “The best of these are broken”

Same Script, Different Cast

The morning you died was ordinary enough. Oliver muddled tennis and violin, we were half way to school when he said Mom, I need my violin. Mom. An affectation from too much American TV, my girlfriends and I had noticed the same habit in all of our kids lately, the way they rolled their r’sContinue reading “Same Script, Different Cast”

The stones should not be too large (on writing about an affair)

The stones are not to be too small as death will not ensue; nor must they be too large as death may come too soon.” – Sharia Law I have made it no secret that I was once involved with a married man (hey if Oprah and Barbara can admit to it …) but I do howeverContinue reading “The stones should not be too large (on writing about an affair)”