When I am here

From: Maggie Valentine <mvalentine@gmail.com> Subject: You Date: 27 March 2010 00:46:00 AM AEDT To: mackben@gmail.com _________________________________________________________________________________________________ You pulsate through even the question of what to have for dinner. You are trapped deep in my nerve, Mack. You have spread under the surface of my skin like a bruise. You are the slick sliding down myContinue reading “When I am here”

Home (a love letter) – revisited

Home. You think home is the view of water, and the three steps down, and those plans to be approved by council. It’s the fence of white little spears, and the manicured lawn that doesn’t stain your knees, and you’ll pass it all on one day, this version of home, the same way you inheritedContinue reading “Home (a love letter) – revisited”