She’s Someone

Image borrowed from A Girl’s Guide To Taking Over The World. She’s someone. Your sister, mother, daughter, yes. But more than that – she’s someone. She has a line deep in her bones that takes you back through time. And she doesn’t belong to, or with … she’s someone. You can carve her up, invade –Continue reading “She’s Someone”

I know why the caged bird sings

Long before there were Little Monsters and Beliebers, there were Lambs. The Lambily, as they are collectively known, are the devoted fan-army of singer-songwriter Mariah Carey, she of the 200 million albums sold, and the piano-worthy octave range. The Lambily are a big global Mariah Carey family (Get it? Lambs. Family. Lambily!), and the AustralianContinue reading “I know why the caged bird sings”

You are the maker of manners (why I won’t be voting for Barack Obama on Tuesday)

I won’t be voting for Barack Obama on Tuesday. Mine is a vote he cannot have. Not because I will cast my vote for the right, however. I won’t be voting for a simple and defining reason: I cannot vote at all. Honorary American though I may be, and a yellow-dog Democrat to boot, IContinue reading “You are the maker of manners (why I won’t be voting for Barack Obama on Tuesday)”