Where the feeling starts

(Look deeper, Lucy. Examine where the feeling starts). Joe, I tilt my glass toward him, is anyone taking care of you? His laugh in response is brittle, sad. I can see from the look on his face that your avenging angel has never been asked. His expression reveals gratitude for the question, and something else.Continue reading “Where the feeling starts”

The tragedy of our ending

The Memory of Stars Maggie I am watching the coffee stain my fingers as you lie dying in the gravel. It is a morning of bright blue promise. The breakfast show host is laughing at his own joke, and I smile at the television without hearing the punch line.  Next up a story on howContinue reading “The tragedy of our ending”

I used to say it better

Joe. Did Ben ever cheat on Anna? Your brother has been back every night this week. Bringing me wine and fresh flowers each time he visits. He spends these hours by my side, we sit facing forward as we speak. Words coming easier now, revelations and little stories we trade. Some things danced around, butContinue reading “I used to say it better”

The midnight hours

I am nearly asleep but I don’t hang up. Not tonight. Not this close to somewhere infinitely more peaceful than where we live in the daylight. It’s nice to be in this drifting together. Joe. My voice is breathy, sleepy. I’m still here. I don’t say it. Just think it. Say it. Think it. WhoContinue reading “The midnight hours”


I can’t say when I am first aware of her.  When she stands out from the crush of people I navigate every morning on the way to work. Perhaps it is when I return to a five-day week, when I heal enough to attempt a routine. Once you notice someone, you can’t remember when youContinue reading “Aware”

This is what happened

Beginnings I had a dream last night where I told her the truth. Out loud. Tongue against teeth, it snaked out from pressed lips, the sound escaping with the slowest release of air. As if I had been holding my breath for days. This is what happened – and there it was. Such freedom inContinue reading “This is what happened”

The Memory of Stars written …

Eidyia’s note: It has been nearly two years since I started blogging here at body, remember and as I (triumphantly!) posted a few weeks back, I’ve now finished the story I began 22 months ago. I have been in an endless cycle of edits and re-writes since the moment I (symbolically) typed – The End –Continue reading “The Memory of Stars written …”

The fall comes from living

Are we each born with a moral compass? Do we all start pointing due north, and waver throughout our lives, swinging back toward the centre in our best moments, spinning furiously at our worst? Your god tells you that we are born in sin, that we climb out of the darkness and head toward theContinue reading “The fall comes from living”

You and I both loved

“Cause you and I both loved What you and I spoke of And others just read of Others only read of the love, the love that I love.”  The economic beauty of a song lyric. The last line of a poem. The way it hits – da-DUM! – that heart thud reveal. It’s why weContinue reading “You and I both loved”