Darkness lets everything in

Should we ever be trusted to tell our own story? I am supposed to tell mine here, let little bits of light into the past 7 years so that others can find what they are looking for. Here, the clues, and here, and here. We are all operating from the same motherboard of wants andContinue reading “Darkness lets everything in”

We are not the same

Sshhhh! I put my hand to his lips, his voice has been rising and I don’t need a string of expletives to wake Ollie up. It’s okay Joe I say but it isn’t, because my fingertip pulses when I touch him and suddenly, inexplicably, I imagine placing it in his mouth. A flush rises upContinue reading “We are not the same”

The things we think we cannot lose

I see now that I have been both blessed and cursed in this life. I was once the luckiest woman on this earth. I had everything promised to us, and more. I counted my blessings every day, I lined them up and gave thanks to God and fate for what I had been given. AndContinue reading “The things we think we cannot lose”


You were shattered after that first betrayal, you disappeared on me the next morning. It took two full weeks. Then the little red flag and your name. –   Hi. –   Hi … –   I’ve been thinking about you, Mags. How are you going? –   Fine. (I am bristling at your disappearance. You never even botheredContinue reading “Ellipsis”


Our friendship is a triumph over suspicion. We’ve both been building barriers our whole lives and we court each other in kind. She forgives me for how we met because the relief is too strong, it hits us both, the immediate understanding that we are both connected and somehow in this, less alone. All thatContinue reading “Recognition”