Warning’s fair. I don’t care. Very much (a declaration of independence)

I made a list of things that have changed in the stretch of time since I saw you last. A top five in some-particular-order I thought you might like to know. In the desert certain things grow – so here goes. Here’s what you haven’t heard in the millions of seconds since the tick tock ofContinue reading “Warning’s fair. I don’t care. Very much (a declaration of independence)”

The art of beginning

This weekend I am celebrating the three month anniversary of my blog. I am celebrating because for the longest time I truly thought my writing would not go beyond a walk to work composition that disintegrated by 9am. I took seriously the well-meaning teacher who once told me I had a talent, but would loseContinue reading “The art of beginning”

To the purveyors of a little kindness

To the purveyors of a little kindness, a thank you. For the salve soothed over the crack and splinter of a day alone – The love heart swirled through the froth The change left in the ticket machine The concrete canvas of a city scribe The boxes ticked and forms sent (the woman running for her trainContinue reading “To the purveyors of a little kindness”