The end is where we start from …

“You know something? Noah says. When a star dies, the dust and gases condense to form a nebula. Which is truly one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see. But nebulae get even more interesting, because they can also signify regions where bright, new stars are formed. Stellar nurseries, they call them. Stardust then, is our reminder birth and death are not so very different.

I didn’t know, I tell him, truthfully, that stars could die.

~ Alice, The Weight of Her Remains

I stopped sharing blog posts on body, remember twelve months and a few days ago, after my father got sick. In the year since then, so much has happened, a complete rearrangement, and any time I went to write about this new world I found myself in, the words got stuck, generally somewhere between my heart and my fingertips.

Fortunately for me, editing comes a little easier than excavating. Since my Dad passed in September, I’ve been working hard on a new draft for my manuscript, formerly known here as What We Have Left. The new title is The Weight of Her Remains and with the story now out there in the query trenches, I figured it was time to come back to where it all started. In 2020, having survived the maelstrom that was 2019, I plan to share some of my favourite paragraphs and moments from The Weight of Her Remains* on this blog, along with what happens next in the bigger story of my own life and this little novel of mine. I hope you enjoy.

Or cry. Crying from time to time would be okay, too 😉

Illustration by Kika @

When all that is left is your bones. I will still feel the weight of you. Your mouth on my shoulder, the world made small and true in the press of your lips.

I can survive the vast and empty roads ahead with this memory of you (and I) at its edges.

*Take everything you experience and use it!

Published by Eidyia

I am only three things for sure - an Atheist, a Feminist, and a Writer - one who obsesses over the grand themes of love, memory and connection.

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