The weight of it

I never expected to be happy. Not in the sense that I would have a big, rich life, a red-like-Christmas life, where every day was tinsel and jolly. I only ever wanted to survive my own heart. To find small moments of light in the dark, to live knowing I’d find that light sometimes, evenContinue reading “The weight of it”

A small stain

It’ll pass. It always does. Right now, I’m a walking bruise. Staring into space and mirrors, seeing only you. Right now the days are lost to hours spent. Isn’t that the way it goes? There’s no moving time when she isn’t ready to heal you. But it’ll pass. It always does. I’ll wake and dress and stare andContinue reading “A small stain”

The hours that change us

The world has shifted in just a few hours. The way it always shifts in just a few hours. It’s not years or decades – that’s simply how we accommodate the axis-shifts, how we adjust and recover from them, before some other hour sets us spinning. We think in years – how was this year, what’s yourContinue reading “The hours that change us”