All this time (3)

4.17 PM You walk back from the bar, a drink in each hand. You smile, a grin that slips sideways as you get closer. For a second the air shimmers and flares, a bright magnesium glow around you, and I have to look away. The world has always looked different with you in it. WhenContinue reading “All this time (3)”

All this time (2)

3.29 PM There is a table free in the corner. There are two perfect rings melting on its wooden surface, the trace of glasses and people here before me. Two drinks set down across from each other, and I wonder about the drinkers, why they were sitting in the corner of a rooftop bar onContinue reading “All this time (2)”

All this time (1)

2.03 PM It is too early to leave. I need to wait another hour at least. I have been thrown one of those unseasonal days this city is famous for; it is all shimmering air out there, when the date suggests it should be something more autumnal. It is too early to shower, even. IContinue reading “All this time (1)”

Till we drowned

You would keep your landscape pristine forever. But I have broken you apart a thousand times all the same. Crashed against you, cracked through your surface and swum in your veins till we drowned. I have been your natural disaster, your flood and tempest, the violent wind that scattered your bones. I have held youContinue reading “Till we drowned”

The possibility of you

The possibility of you sustained me over lifetimes. Through every lonely,¬†dusty summer, and the tempest of our winter nights. Season upon season of your warmth¬†and withholding. Such famine and feastings of the heart, endured. The famine and feast my heart endured. (That cracked continent under my skin, owing all its hungers to you). You. TheContinue reading “The possibility of you”