When I am here

From: Maggie Valentine <mvalentine@gmail.com> Subject: You Date: 27 March 2010 00:46:00 AM AEDT To: mackben@gmail.com _________________________________________________________________________________________________ You pulsate through even the question of what to have for dinner. You are trapped deep in my nerve, Mack. You have spread under the surface of my skin like a bruise. You are the slick sliding down myContinue reading “When I am here”

Into the After

Sometimes, I time travel through their wounds. I take them back to before. Before the wheels over-corrected, or the under-tow pulled too hard. I take them back to the moment before they said yes to that guy or before they turned that corner – before life began to slide away from where they’d been. I’mContinue reading “Into the After”