And when only longing remained

But the girl continued to love the man. The love had snaked its way into her bones, and anchored in the deepest part of her. She missed him, and began to forget the sharper edges of their relationship. She remembered instead the way he had touched her wrist on that very first night. She rememberedContinue reading “And when only longing remained”

To sink under slowly

The feeling is immediate under my toes. A sensation of sinking in, of earthing myself. The sand starts warm and soft underfoot, and closer to the water it becomes damp and hard, leaving my footprints in a trail behind me. I scratch a crooked heart with my big toe and watch as a wave licksContinue reading “To sink under slowly”

That it would end like this

Benjamin Mackintosh is dead. These words are whispered, shared all over the office – the concrete floors reverberate with the news. Shock is traded from one division to the next, as the slow stain of grief spreads throughout the building. It reaches my desk when I return with my second coffee of the morning. MyContinue reading “That it would end like this”