Love, mostly

Eidyia’s note: When I write, I keep my favourite songs in mind – the way a lyric can tell an entire story in just a few¬†lines. I love what I call the ‘economic beauty’ of a song lyric, and these little moments from The Memory of Stars are my attempts at this¬†economy. I hope theyContinue reading “Love, mostly”

After years of sleeping

A crack down the phone. Electricity. I can hear the shift, even in the silence that follows. And then this. Lucy. Tell me what you see. I … I stumble against the words. How are we here? Here we are. Seeing the line, only as we step to cross it. Tell me what you see.Continue reading “After years of sleeping”

There are ways for us to end this

Speak the words you have swallowed. We have nine years of silence to fill. Let us crowd this night with all we have not said, let us cover every last second with our secrets. Whisper them soft and sure against my skin. Tell me goodbye, and tell me why. Dust me for your fingerprints oneContinue reading “There are ways for us to end this”