I hope you break your heart

Warning: This post contains spoilers on The Good Wife. And my life.  My relationship with The Good Wife began on a flight from London to Australia. I was on the second leg of an uncomfortable homeward journey; the discomfort was equal parts physical – the gentleman next to me seemed to like my seat more than his own – and emotional. Turns outContinue reading “I hope you break your heart”

The force of that submission

Do you remember the night I fell to pieces? The night I tried to show you what this was doing to me? We are going to have this out! I said years too late, because I was trying to be brave, trying to make a demand, instead of always, always waiting for your sign toContinue reading “The force of that submission”

The end is where we start from

“What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.” – T.S. Eliot A big hello to my readers here at body, remember. I truly value every single like and comment you make; writing a novel is a solitary endeavour,Continue reading “The end is where we start from”

Where the beginning resides

Lying here in the dark without you. There have been a thousand nights without you. So many sleepless nights counting down from midnight; it was always easier to miss you in the daylight hours. But now the darkness expands into tomorrow. Now the darkness is endless, ahead of me, as well as behind. If IContinue reading “Where the beginning resides”

All of your darkest parts

The strength of your invisible ties. Like so many men, your sense of right and wrong came first from that book, and the tap-tap of a judicious spoon. Later it would be your father’s girly magazines, and a box to the ears for disrespecting your mother. Decency wrapped itself around your wild parts; love wasContinue reading “All of your darkest parts”

You have an idea of women

Challenging. You say I am challenging. Not a challenge – no, that has a different connotation altogether. That suggests some sort of game to be played, a battle to be fought and won. You can prepare for a challenge –  it belongs squarely  in your understanding of the world – you always could stay the course. ButContinue reading “You have an idea of women”

Where the feeling starts

(Look deeper, Lucy. Examine where the feeling starts). Joe, I tilt my glass toward him, is anyone taking care of you? His laugh in response is brittle, sad. I can see from the look on his face that your avenging angel has never been asked. His expression reveals gratitude for the question, and something else.Continue reading “Where the feeling starts”