Home (a love letter) – revisited

Home. You think home is the view of water, and the three steps down, and those plans to be approved by council. It’s the fence of white little spears, and the manicured lawn that doesn’t stain your knees, and you’ll pass it all on one day, this version of home, the same way you inheritedContinue reading “Home (a love letter) – revisited”

And how sometimes we nearly make it

Nothing has changed, Mack. It would be the same if I walked into your hotel room tonight. I would still spend less than 30 seconds on my side of the couch. My legs would still snake over yours, and I would still play with the soft of your earlobe as if it were mine. IContinue reading “And how sometimes we nearly make it”

The midnight hours

I am nearly asleep but I don’t hang up. Not tonight. Not this close to somewhere infinitely more peaceful than where we live in the daylight. It’s nice to be in this drifting together. Joe. My voice is breathy, sleepy. I’m still here. I don’t say it. Just think it. Say it. Think it. WhoContinue reading “The midnight hours”

When you are 15, and dreaming of it …

If you’ve checked out my About Me page you’ll know I’m a Broadway Baby – I love musical theatre and regularly steal borrow from the genre. Whether it’s naming my lead character Maggie Valentine after West End legend Ruthie Henshall (no, really – it’s connected!), or using the lyrical genius of Sondheim to anchor aContinue reading “When you are 15, and dreaming of it …”

Beginnings revisited

If December was her month, then January belonged to me. She had your traditions and your conclusion, your customs and your god. But the opened gate, the clock ticking forward – every time, the hands reached out for me. I would count your absence down, should auld acquaintance be forgot I’d say before an explosion across theContinue reading “Beginnings revisited”