We have an idea of goodbyes

I am watching the coffee stain my fingers as you lay dying on the gravel. It is a morning of bright blue promise. The breakfast show host is laughing at his own joke and I smile at the television without hearing the punch line.  Next up a story on how most women do not wearContinue reading “We have an idea of goodbyes”

The memory of stars

It has been suggested that memories exist only to enable an understanding of the future. That by its very design the act of remembering keeps us facing forward. The same regions of our brain that light up in a moment of reflection also fizz and spark when we foretell. Suspended between these two states –Continue reading “The memory of stars”

The stones should not be too large (on writing about an affair)

The stones are not to be too small as death will not ensue; nor must they be too large as death may come too soon.” – Sharia Law I have made it no secret that I was once involved with a married man (hey if Oprah and Barbara can admit to it …) but I do howeverContinue reading “The stones should not be too large (on writing about an affair)”