A certain calm

There are times when I experience a certain calm. As if diving into the ocean, shock gives over to a yielding. A soft sensation of surrender that I will remember and forget a thousand times – and again. An understanding that never arrives announced. I used to love opening my eyes under water. Searching throughContinue reading “A certain calm”

The Third Stage

I could take every word I have written and tear it apart. Destroy this homage, dismember every letter, rupture every articulation so that nothing remains here but a jarring, jumbled mess. You don’t deserve this altar. You don’t deserve to be thought of as one of the good guys. You are not one of theContinue reading “The Third Stage”

My love is your love (and when the Government says ‘No’)

This is my friend Caroline. Everyone should be so lucky to have a friend like Caroline. She’s fiercely loyal, protective, and just the right amount of crazy. You know with Caroline that if someone hurt you, she would turn up in her pick-up with a shotgun and wait with it fully loaded until you were safelyContinue reading “My love is your love (and when the Government says ‘No’)”

A few of my favourite things …

Today I was nominated for a Sexy Blogger award. Since joining the WordPress community I’ve become aware of the custom of awarding (rewarding?) blogs, and in secretly coveting recognition, I’ve wondered what I would do if one came my way. My blog is supposed to be a work of fiction after-all. Not so much myContinue reading “A few of my favourite things …”