Eidyia (who sees, who knows)

You have been tasked with finding me a name. I want you to christen me. I have nothing of yours to keep – nothing to mark me – and so particular significance weights this request. This will be the only name we ever share, and I have already determined no matter what you decide, this will be mine to keep.

You take your time (and I think you’ve forgotten) when you come back with this – Eidyia. I have not encountered this arrangement and it throws me for a moment. I sense it means something and it feels like Christmas and every birthday as I wait for the reveal.

Eidyia, it seems, was the youngest of the Oceanides. The baby sister of 3,000 Nymphs who presided over all fresh water flowing on earth. Her name – if you said it out loud – was pronounced “idea” and as the guardian of both seeing and knowing, she was considered in classical mythology the Goddess of Knowledge. Some even suggest she was a sorceress, a witch in possession of the magical eye. Indeed she gave birth to Medea, the ultimate enchantress (who would one day personify the archetypal woman scorned – I was always better at research than you, love).

But Eidyia! The daughter of all things flowing, where nothing abides. Her father Oceanus and her mother Tethys – the source of all things that never stay the same. As a kid I scribbled out Heraclitus, finding comfort in the idea that everything is in motion. To think you could never step in the same stream twice! And now the personification. Eidyia. The goddess of a family in flux. The source of clouds and weather and quenched thirst. The shifting of mud and rocks and settled earth. The impetus rushing to the river mouth and pouring out in to a salty sea.

So how did you come to this name, my love? What did you type in to the vortex of google to find your best-fit me? As the only clue to what you really thought of me I have examined this from every angle (I would build a shrine to her if I thought this is where you’d fall at your knees). Because – Eidô. To see. To know. What did I see my love? What did I know that made you want to lay in my arms and ask the truth of me?

Or was I nothing other than your siren on the rocks? A fresh water nymph with glistening legs and fair face? We joked of mermaids without their tails, and you were always a naked husband – was this just an extension? Could you possibly know that I would wear this name the way others wrapped a diamond round their finger? That this would be your greatest gift? Did you name me with a gravity that matched how I took on this mantle?

Eidyia. The Goddess of Knowing. The Goddess in perpetual motion. What I wouldn’t have given for the waters to still. For a moment treading water, where you were there right beside me, just waiting to be answered.

Eidyia the Goddess of Knowledge at body, remember
Eidyia on the rocks by Joanne Piechota
(many, many years ago)

Published by Eidyia

I am only three things for sure - an Atheist, a Feminist, and a Writer - one who obsesses over the grand themes of love, memory and connection.

3 thoughts on “Eidyia (who sees, who knows)

  1. This is nice; the poetic flow of the language, the hint of autobiography embellished with mythology. And my god, the picture is breathtaking; you could actually be Eidyia.

      1. Wow, Joanne’s photos are wonderful. Hard to put into words how well a beautiful photo makes you actually see with new eyes, but her shots do that, I think.

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