The best thing(s) I never had

There are two tragedies in life. One is not to get your heart’s desire. The other is to get it  – George Bernard Shaw  A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. You have thought often of these fish and their bicycles. How the idea of needing a man is just as curious.Continue reading “The best thing(s) I never had”

Eidyia (who sees, who knows)

You have been tasked with finding me a name. I want you to christen me. I have nothing of yours to keep – nothing to mark me – and so particular significance weights this request. This will be the only name we ever share, and I have already determined no matter what you decide, thisContinue reading “Eidyia (who sees, who knows)”

Warning’s fair. I don’t care. Very much.

I made a list of things that have changed in the stretch of time since I saw you last. A top five in some-particular-order I thought you might like to know. In the desert certain things grow – so here goes. Here’s what you haven’t heard in the millions of seconds since the tick tock ofContinue reading “Warning’s fair. I don’t care. Very much.”

To the purveyors of a little kindness

To the purveyors of a little kindness, a thank you. For the salve soothed over the crack and splinter of a day alone – The love heart swirled through the froth The change left in the ticket machine The concrete canvas of a city scribe The boxes ticked and forms sent (the woman running for her trainContinue reading “To the purveyors of a little kindness”

Our finest impulses

Someone once opined there was no excuse for you not leaving. That there was no great tragedy binding you to the life that existed before we met. We were not playing out our love against the backdrop of history, no great cultural wall was separating us. To choose me was not a matter of lifeContinue reading “Our finest impulses”

My barbies never got married

My barbies never got married. The twenty or so leggy blondes were too busy auditioning for The Sound of Music and rehearsing complicated Cabaret routines. Wedding dresses went straight to the costume department and my one already married doll from the Heart family promptly left her husband and two kids when she landed the lead roleContinue reading “My barbies never got married”

I know you don’t watch me walk away

I know you don’t watch me walk away. I know you don’t press your forehead against the double glass to keep me in your sight. There is no straining for that one last look, no time suspended in the final unblinking stare. You don’t stay with me until I am just another city glow fadingContinue reading “I know you don’t watch me walk away”

(and sometimes the same)

At different moments throughout the day (and sometimes the same) they will reach for their phones, a reflexive text forming in their fingers that stops somewhere before the keys. Desire is put back in the pocket reluctantly as fingers twitch with observations of sky and city that remain unsent. At different moments (and sometimes theContinue reading “(and sometimes the same)”