This is how it begins

It took you three full days.  Then the little red flag and your name.


‘hi …’

‘Did you get home alright the other night?’

‘Sure did’

‘I was thinking. I should have walked you home …’

‘Oh ha, that’s okay. I can take care of myself’

‘I’ve no doubt.  Still, I probably should have. It’s just …’

‘It’s just?’

‘It might have been more dangerous with me there’


A full hour and then:

‘I might not have stopped at your door’

This is is how it begins. A little dance of words, each sentence extending an invitation to the next. One offering accepted and then another until your fingers are tripping over the keys in your eagerness to propel this thing forward. My response was immediate. I had waited three full days.

‘I like living dangerously’

And that was it. The beginning of us. Seduction can be so banal.

Published by Eidyia

I am only three things for sure - an Atheist, a Feminist, and a Writer - one who obsesses over the grand themes of love, memory and connection.

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